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Organize, help, and support with the first panel-based ticket bot — everything in a central panel, with complete customization options. Dashboard Panel

Our Features

We make ticketing, support, and communication easy and fun. is a panel built for you

A web panel built for you.

The web panel makes it easy to manage tickets, settings, and user permissions — all from one central place.

Panel Features

  • Respond to tickets directly from the panel
  • Create staff accounts and control permissions
  • Modify and edit variables is customizable

Completely customizable to your exact preferences.

Every message and command is variable — giving you complete control over the language and what says on your server. Plus, you can pick when and what messages to delete. is ticket logging at its best

Seamlessly log every ticket without limitations.

Gain full access to unlimited tickets with every message logged — all viewable on the panel or in a transcript.

Ticket Features

  • View on panel
  • Rename/relocate
  • Add/remove users
  • Timed close

Our Statistics

We support and power ticketing for millions of users throughout thousands of servers across Discord.

  • 12.7k

    Servers Online

  • 159k

    Tickets Created

  • 4.6 million

    Total Users

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We help people power, organize, and support their servers efficiently and effectively.

Moving to has honestly been one of the best decision we've made. A large portion of our userbase doesn't speak English too well and the translation feature has been such a lifesaver on so many occasions.


12,000+ Discord Users is great, I have been using it for ages and I have nothing to fault. From the impeccable support, to its feature rich functions. The best ticket bot on the market.


166 Discord Users

Our business is committed to leveraging Discord to provide lightning fast responses to our customers. makes this possible with their near 100% uptime and personal support.


2,500+ Discord Users

I've got nothing but positive things to say about, The support team is absolutely impeccable, and the bot itself has proven 100% dependable ever since we started using it 2+ months ago.

Gemini Network

2560 Discord Users

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