Real ticket logging with bold features. Dashboard Panel

Our Features

  • -ticket

    Create a channel between your staff and your client.

  • -rename

    Change the channel name of your ticket for easy organisation.

  • -remove

    Remove a user from the ticket.

  • -add

    Add a user to the ticket.

  • -help

    View all of our features that help provide optimal support.

  • -close

    Close the ticket with closed confirm (Optional) or chat reactions (Optional).

  • -sclose

    Shadow Closes the ticket, and sends an embed allowing closure or transcript. Removes all users from ticket but staff members.

  • -transcript

    Get a website link that is publically accessible to provide a transcript to the user.

  • -status

    Change the category your ticket sits in, for even further organisation.

  • -close m/h/d


    Close the ticket based on a time parameter—hour, day, year formatting.

  • -translate


    Support your clients 1-1, with our unique translation features. Speak to your client in their native language!

  • -reason


    Change the reason for the ticket after user creation.

Intuitive Commands has numerous free and premium commands that enable and make support easy and fun.


  • Change the bot prefix

  • Change the command variables

  • Change some messages

  • TicketTags (multiple departments)

  • Change support roles

  • Complete permission customization

  • Limit ticket creation channel

  • Choose @role pinged on ticket creation

  • Unlimited Staff Sub-Accounts

  • Staff sub-account permissions

  • Full featured web-panel

  • Respond to Tickets through panel

  • Complete ticket logging

  • Instant setup and auto redeem

  • Chat reactions

  • Auto delete completely customizable

  • Enable/Disable closed confirm

  • Ability to change what message is sent per Ticket Tag

  • Change Support Roles (ticket-support, ticket-manage)


  • Removes embed branding

  • -translate command (Ticket translation)

  • .html transcript sent via email (set on panel)

  • -close m/h/d (Timed close)

  • Change ALL messages

  • Change ALL variables

  • Additional text on ticket creation

  • Change embed colour

  • Disable author self-closing ticket

  • Change playing status (Supreme only)

  • Ticket creation limit changeable

  • Discord Premium Role

  • Change auto-delete time frame

  • Timed Closed Message Prevent

  • Change Ticket name convention

  • Change Default Ticket Reason Message

  • Image in Ticket Tags (ticket reaction create embed)

Complete customization

Customize absolutely everything, every message and every command down to the fine details. Pick what your clients see! is customizable.

A web panel built for you.

Our fully functional web panel is designed for you to easily manage and supply the ultimate ticket bot all from one central place.

  • Staff Accounts
  • Respond directly from panel
  • Modify variables
  • Sleek and fast

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